Question-1. I want my car to move to any other location? Do you provide this service?

Answer -1. Yes, We at the BOXnMOVE value the customer and their valuable car or any other vehicle. We have the requisite and proper vehicle carrier which will load the car in your presence at your home and can deliver the same at your new home with any problem.

Question-2.Why should I believe that you will provide excellent service at the destination end too?

Answer -2. BOXnMOVE is StartUp which is striving very hard to make the impact on the relocation industry and hence we will leave no stone unturned to make your moving experience a delighted one. We are expanding very fast and have tie-ups in almost all major cities in India. We will always be your first point of contact and hence we will provide all pre-move, move and post move services at whatever place you move to. We take complete safety measures and have the proper way of doing things, technique and knowledge to handle almost everything from a small box to heavy commercial machinery.

Question-3. How Long will it take BOXnMOVE to do the survey of items to be moved?

Answer -3. BOXnMOVE is flexible enough to fulfill any survey request at the customer's preferred date and time. You just have to enter your preferred time on the website or ask directly to any move manager.

Question-4. Does BOXnMOVE do intra-city relocation or Inter-City moves only?

Answer -4. BOXnMOVE has gained enough technical expertise to cater to the demands of all customers who are willing to relocation within a city or intracity. We are proud to say that we are top rated moving companies when it comes to local moves within Gurgaon and its surroundings.

Question-5. Ok. I want to book the move. How many days before I should book the move?

Answer -5. Albeit BOXnMOVE website and booking helpline are ready to take the order any time at your convenience, we would strongly suggest the user book up the move at least 48 hours before the final moving date.

Question-6. What will I need to pack?

Answer -6. Totally it is up to you if you want something to pack it your own. Suppose you want to pack the personal items, clothes, we will supply the boxes a few days before the D day so that you have the time to pack some stuff that you want.

Question-7. How long will BOXnMOVE take to do the packing?

Answer -7. The packaging time depends on the quantity of the items that need packaging, the higher the volume, more the time. We will target to complete all the processes like packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, transportation on the same date but again this will largely depend on the amount of the work that needs to be done.

Please ask your move manager for more information. Please note that an extra day will be charged separately.

Question-8. What do I need to keep ready for the packing process?

Answer -8. Once the move is booked you must take these points into the consideration

1) We will need the owner of the house to be present b) Any equipment or furniture that needs dismantling should be kept already dismantled. For example, Air-conditioners, RO water filters, shelves fixed on walls need to be taken out and kept ready for packing. Handyman services are not provided by the packing crew. c) If your building requires permissions or charges for entry of our vehicle or packers – kindly take all such permissions prior to the move date. Please speak to your society administration office for the necessary approvals and pay the charges. If the crew is kept waiting, additional charges may get levied.

Question-9. What kind of packing material will be used?

Answer -9. BOXnMOVE uses high-quality packing material like fiber sheets, bubble wraps, corrugated rolls, fine plastic wrapping and others to pack the items. The fragile items like glass are packed using an additional layer of protection. For crockery, we use papers and boxes.

Question-10. My Bed can only be moved only if it is dismantled. I do not know how to do this? Will it be included?

Answer -10. BOXnMOVE will take care of the de-installation and installation of the beds. Our professionals have the technical expertise and the equipment to make the task easy.

Question-11.Why are you charging higher than the other vendors? I have the quotation of a few others packers and movers company but your rate is among the highest. Why?

Answer -11. Our rates are according to the kind of the services we provide. We do not acquire the customer at any cost as we want to be your first choice for every move you will do in the future.
We are a start-up focusing on customer satisfaction by providing exemplary services every time and hence we do not believe in acquiring customers at any cost which seems to be the industry trend nowadays. We do not charge as much as other established firms do. We are sure that you will be delighted with the professional relocation services that we will offer.

Question-12. No, I am not convinced. You are charging high.

Answer -12. The repeat business percentage is very very low in this industry as providers/packers and movers know that they are not going to get the business from the same customer anytime soon for obvious reasons and hence first they book the move with "cheap" prices and then increase the amount before they unload the items. This is very bad practice and we are totally against it.
We are here to change this trend!

Question-13. What if my household items are damaged while shifting?

Answer -13. We take utmost care while our professional do the task of moving your household items. But in case of any unforeseeable conditions, your insurance will help you to claim the damage and hence we strongly recommend to avail insurance for your house move. BOXnMOVE will not be liable for any damages at any stage of the move.

Question-14. I do not need my belongings right now, will you be able to get it stored in your warehouse?

Answer -14. Yes, we can do this. Please contact our move manager for your question and we will be able to solve the problem. There might be some cost involved in this.

Question-15. Are you aggregator or provide the services on your own?

Answer -15. An aggregator combines various service providers and they have a pool of hundreds of packers and movers company(we are not listed there.)

So, They have little control over what kind of services is being done on ground level. While in our case, you are dealing directly with a company (BOXnMOVE) and hence, we are better placed to provide you with great services.

Question-16. I got my plan changed! How to cancel the booking or change the moving date?

Answer -16. The move can be canceled and rescheduled only if it is requested at least 48 hours of the final moving date.
In case of refund, raise the request at least 48 hours before the moving date or the complete booking amount will be forfeited. We will deduct the 3% charges on the total deposited booking amount in lieu of transaction charges.

Question-17. I need a truck for my household shifting but I do not require any other services. Is it possible?

Answer -17. Yes, in that case, you will be paying only the truck transportation charges. Please call support to get more information on this.

Why we started from Gurgaon?:

Our company BOXnMOVE packers movers in Gurgaon is committed to provide the best services to its customers. In the recent years, the city of Gurgaon (or Gurugram, the new name put by the state government), 30km south of New Delhi, has become so self-sufficient and advanced that it is becoming a travel and residential destination in its own right. With direct connections to the capital via the Delhi Metro, Roads, Trains and a growing reputation as the capital of all cool things, Gurgaon can be boastful of its all-round developments.

What is in store for you in Gurgaon?

So, the move from any other city to Gurgaon can prove lucrative in terms of professional and career prospects. Think of any Forbes 500 Companies and you will find an office here. From Information Technology to Textile, From Manufacturing to Consulting, Gurgaon is the best place for professionals. So whether you are thinking to move or relocate to Gurgaon, Gurgaon will welcome you with never-ending opportunities with open arms.

So, Where do we serve in Gurgaon? :

We are providing the packers and movers services all over Gurgaon. Below is the mention of areas where we serve prominently within Gurgaon.

Our all the professionals are prominent and prompt in providing services in all around Gurgaon. Such as we serve in Sohna Road,DLF The Aralias, DLF The Magnolias, Bestech Park View,Sector 54, Salcon The Verandas,Sector 54, the Palm Springs,the Camellias,Imperial Gardens,Enclave,Hamilton Court,Gurgaon One,Raheja Atlantis,Laburnum Complex,Jal Vayu Towers,Ridgewood Estate,Belvedere Towers,Close North,Golf Course Extension,DLF Park Place,DLF City, Phase 5,Wellington Estate, DLF City, Phase 5,Vipul Belmonte, DLF City, Phase 5,Vatika City,DLF Phase 5,MGF The Villas,Ambiance,M3M Golf Estate,Cyber City,Cyber Park,DLF Phase 1,DLF Phase 2,DLF Phase 4,Golf Course Road,Malibu Town,DLF Belaire,DLF Summit,Retreat,Unitech Ivory Tower,Unitech The Palms,Ansal API Highland Park,Satya The Hermitage,Signature Global Grand IVA,Mittals Tulip Garden,Zion Brothers Apartment,Golden Jubilee Apartment,ABW La Lagune, Sector 55,Aravali Homes, Sector 55,DLF Carlton Estate, Sector 55,Sahara Grace, Sushant Lok,DLF Beverly Park, DLF Phase 2,Maple Crescent, Sushant Lok 1,Nirvana Country,Mayfield Garden,DLF Oakwood Estate, DLF Phase 2,Emaar MGF The Vilas,Unitech Heritage City, MG Road,Sispal Vihar AWHO Society,MG Road,Sector 56,Sector 15,Sector 29,Sector 33,Sector 43,Sector 45,Sector 54,Sector 57,Sector 31,Sector 58,Sector 60,Sector 65,Sector 82,Sector 46,Sector 83,Sector 86,Sector 61,Sector 89A,Sector 90,Sector 14,Sector 91,Sector 7,Sector 4,Sector 9,Sector 10,Sector 10-A,Sector 9-A,South City 1,South City 2,Suncity,Sushant Lok 1 and Udyog Vihar.

We are evolving and constantly expanding, please call us at 8588886465 to confirm if we provide the services in your vicinity.

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