how to avoid fraud packers and movers in gurgaon

Are you concerned about how to avoid fraud packers and movers in Gurgaon? This post is going to share some important tips which will help you to choose a reliable packers and movers company. According to recent report packers and movers companies are spreading at an alarming rate in all over India. The real estate development and infrastructural development is the result of the growth of these companies in India.
Though it's convenient for customers to choose from many options. There is a bunch of crucial facts to be deemed before you choose packers and movers in Gurgaon. Selecting a packers and movers company without any further investigation may suffer you in the long run with your valuable items and hard earned money.

A huge number of fraud and cheating cases are rocketing day by day in packers and movers industry. Let's see what's the necessary steps to avoid such fraud movers and packers.

Tips on How to Avoid Fraud Packers and Movers in Gurgaon


Be cautious before choosing packers & movers company

Before selecting any packers and movers company make sure they are registered, established, have a skilled team of professionals, affordable and most importantly reliable. These facts are important to choose a good relocation company in Gurgaon.


Get an inquiry of everything

Call their customer care, Read all the customer reviews, Get an inquiry of their method of tracking packages.


Verify all the required documents

Verify all the legal papers and certificates associating with the establishment of the company. Ask for company trade license, documents of legal corporation certificates, PAN card of the company and bank account, ID, the valid address of the office.


Get sure about authenticity

To be more certain about their authenticity search on Google using the company name, owner's name, owner's phone number, and owner's bank account number. Get a copy of the owner's PAN CARD. To check their address validity visit their office.


Get an inquiry of customer's references

Good moving companies have satisfied customers. Ask for the past customer's references they have provided service and don't forget to speak with them by collecting their contact numbers from the company. Note what was their experience with this company and services they had provided for them.


Check online reviews and testimonials

Don't forget to check online reviews and testimonials of the movers' company. Also don't believe blindly to the good reviews. Try to differentiate between fake and genuine customer reviews.


Be cautious about review sites

Don't trust some review sites blindly. Because of increasing popularity of packers and movers company; there are a lot of fraud companies just duplicate the brand name of a reputed company. If you search on Google you will find good customer reviews. Be cautious.


Be selective about packers and movers company

Choose Packers and Movers that are being hired by some good and reputed companies. It'll surely alleviate your stress.


Don't be greedy for low rates

Don't choose a relocation company that offers low rates for your household or office shifting. You may encounter fraudulent moving and lose your all the precious and important items.


Observe every pros and con of their working process

Observe every pros and con of the packaging and loading process during the shifting day. Professional and reliable companies do care for your every single item. They handle all things with utmost responsibility. But fraud movers don't care about your valuable furniture and things. If you notice anything unusual, take action promptly. Usually, fraud companies want to load your stuff quickly so that they can cheat you and flee with your luggage.
Ask them if they have insurance copy (Luggage Insurance) and never give them your vehicle keys.


Take your time to pick the right movers company

Make sure you have done all the required research and take time before you choose any packers and movers in Gurgaon.

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