How to Plan House Move in times of COVID-19!

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Time is unprecedented now and these critical times need special care to combat with these kinds of adversaries. We at BOXnMOVE know that you are very concerned with the situation which is quite uncertain and the things are not looking clear even in hindsight.

You must be thinking about a lot of things including your job, business, or any other things and we are with you in these difficult times. We are thinking of our customers who are in critical need to move their house on an urgent basis. This post is to address a few of your problems and we hope we will be able to help you a bit.

Coronavirus aka COVID-19 has put everybody in one spot and you are not alone. Here are the tips to use this time so that you have less to worry when the lockdown is lifted and the situation is better.

Keep an eye on development:
While the packers and movers services will resume once the restrictions will be lifted, you should keep track of the matter and you can discuss this over the phone to tell your moving plan in advance so that we can plan accordingly. This is even more important now as once the situation is eased a bit , everybody will be in a hurry to complete their house relocation and the one who has already booked their spot will be benefited.
Please follow all the guidance and the instruction issued by the government and local authorities related to coronavirus and activities attached to this. We are giving you the direct links of the website which is verified. Do not believe in any false message circulated on Whats-app and verify it before forwarding it.

MCG (Gurugram Website)
Gurgaon Police Twitter Handle
Google Covid-19 Map

Pack and Arrange Things:
If you have packaging material, you may want to pack the stuff which is not essential so that the work can be wrapped up a bit early. You may also want to arrange or heap the important things together or discard the trash so that you have less work to do . These small contributions of yours are going to make the big difference.

Move only if necessary:
We want you to be safe and hence we request our customers to move house only if it is quite essential to do. Even if the lockdown is lifted, you may not want to rush to shift your house or office. If you can wait some weeks, we will highly recommend you to do so. We will offer you discounts for all the moves who delays their moving. In that way, we can slow the spread.

Learn about All Precautions:

While we will take utmost care and hygiene during the moving process, we expect you to be upfront about the health of you or your family members.If any of your family member has any symptoms, we urge you to not to go ahead with the shifting process and tell the concerned authorities.

Stay Home, Stay Safe!