Top Relocation Insights- Packers and Movers in Gurgaon

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BOXnMOVE , the leading relocation expert in Gurgaon brings you the exclusive moving trends using the data harvested from publicly available online sources like Google Trends and the data available collected from the users of our website in last 12 months. The count of total anonmized users is 1200+.

We tried our best to showcase the top trends that are happening in Gurgaon and over India and here is the brief summary of all the tabs mentioned in this dashboard.

  1. “Warehouse” was top searched keyword during Lockdown – This Shows that the comparison of the Google search interest between keywords “Warehouse” and “Packers and Movers” from the last 12 months. The interest is from all India. Surge in “Warehouse” searches: Just after the lockdown was announced due to Covid19, people started to search for the warehouse services and this is quite evident from the visualization below. Another interesting visible trend can be seen in June 2020, when people started to search for ‘packers and movers’ ‘ keyword more than “warehouse“. Please note that this trend is not from the data compile all over India not just from Gurgaon. Interesting?


  1. Bangalore ranked #1 in Top 10 cities: Bangalore was the top most choice for the people moving out of Gurgaon.Please note that we are not counting the local and within NCR movements here. When we tried to find which cities people moved outside Gurgaon but within NCR, Noida topped the chart with almost 40 % stats. Another interesting trend was to observe the surge in movement starting from June which did not quite fade away with time, so people who possibly did not move early (in July or August), started moving towards the end of the year

      3. Rush in Relocation in October – Shows the movement trends within Gurgaon over time and it looks like during October, it was quite a rush to shift in the new home,which actually came down after Diwali drastically. Interesting!




      4. New Moving Businesses mushrooming:  Looks like the competition to get their share of this surge in  movement demand, we see that 83% of businesses are quite new. Out of the total businesses, 31% does not have even the website to show. Not really good!

If you want to go to Tableau Dashboard and see the original insights, here is the link.