What NOT to Do while Relocating to New City!!

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Mr Yogendra got the offer from a reputed US consulting firm for their Hyderabad office and hence Yogendra decided to move from his current city Gurgaon to Hyderabad in the next couple of months.

This was not an easy feat and Yogendra was celebrating his success but in the vigour of getting a new lucrative job, he forgot to finish some work before his flight date and it was a complete mess when he realized that he lost big time due to not preparing in the advance.

So what he missed doing before the ‘D’ day and what should he have done to avoid all this.

Not making a list of Doings:

Everything will be in disorder when you do not make the list of the tasks that you need to do before you board your flight or train. So make sure that you have noted down all the things that you need to do before leaving the city. It may be from these following things too:

Meeting your best friend — Maybe you want to meet your friend/s before you leave but as you did not make a note of it, you forgot and then you missed them badly.
Clearing the dues of someone- Maybe your near Kirana store owes you a few bucks, why not to go and clear the dues. He/she will feel happy that you cleared the dues even you were busy.

Forgetting Disconnection of Amenities:

When we live, we subscribe to various services and amenities and hence we need to make sure to clear the dues in advance before your final relocation day so that you attain the complete peace of mind. The things can be from the following :

Newspaper and Internet/Phone Connection — You can either ask the provider to stop the services at least before 1 month or ask for shifting the connection to the new city. But we will advise you to disconnect the services completely as you can always avail new services.
Gas Connection — Disconnection of gas connection will make you eligible for getting the refund of the security amount and the gas provider might ask you to return the availed cylinder/s and the gas regulator with the proof of your identity card.
Water Connection — Make sure this is disconnected as well.

Not Letting Know the Landlord:

Well, this is extremely important step like you informed your current office manager about your resignation, in the same way, you need to inform your current landlord of the house (if you are staying in rented house/apartment) to avoid confiscation of your security or advanced rent amount. And if your luck is not with you, the person can help up until you clear all dues and in all this, you might miss the flight or train.

Procrastinating Booking Moving Company:

Yes, delaying your decision to book capable packers and movers company can dent your chances of selecting a correct relocation companion because the person should devote some time to choose the best packers and movers company. Yogendra searched for packers and movers in Gurgaon but he was puzzled who to choose as everyone was boasting about their services. Here are a few checklist need to do before selecting your relocation company:

Avoid companies with similar names of brands.

  • Check for online reviews and testimonials : Chances can be that reviews are not real so you need to see if a specific pattern is being followed on the text of the reviews to weed out the fake companies or all review poster are posting to similar businesses as well. So Beware, paid reviews are nowadays itself a business!!
  • Check for online presence — Check the website, their address. Ask them to meet or go to the office to meet or check the physical presence of the office to avoid any kind of confusion.
  • Storage Facility at the new city — sometimes, we are not able to find a suitable house/apartment in a new city, so make sure you choose the packers and movers in Gurgaon who can take care of your valuables in a new city and provide you with the storage option for a few days. This is very important.

BOXnMOVE can provide solutions to all issues. Once you contact BOXnMOVE for your household shifting, all the things mentioned above will be discussed and advised to you. We will help them to achieve the real hassle-free moving experience wherever you move.

So the basic and the most important thing is that Take your time to explore the option and wipe out the mess before you move to another city!!