Most Important Things You Check after Shifting

Whenever you are moving to a new home or any person or family is relocating near to your home then your only desire is that you get a good neighbour.

How your relations will eventually be, will depend very much on both’s behaviour. So in this case, you should always try to make the efforts to become a good neighbour.

Because who does not want a good neighbour!

Be ready to become a host:

New neighbours go out or they are returning to their home, then you may ask them for Tea or Meal. If you think by assuming the neighbour as yourself, then you would realise that this is also a great help to making someone comfortable and adjust into the new place. If some guests are visiting your neighbour , why not try to call the neighbour and ask if they need any facility or stuff. You can also get the neighbour acquainted with the others, give information about nearby stores or shops and the amenities of the society. 


Do Not Become a Reason of Discomfort: Your some habits can bother the neighbour. For example, Make sure you are not putting the garbage or bag of debris in front of your neighbour. If the parking is open, try to park your car in front of your house only. Arrange the pots and other home stuff only inside the premise/boundary of your home. There is a saying “ If you burn your neighbors house down, it doesn't make your house look any better!” We can not agree more! If you have some space to play for the children, help them. It is their safety also if they play near their home. Keep your pets in control . 


Keep faith and Do not Backbite:  House Maids usually keep making trivial things. Do not hear their absurd stuff and ask them to not to disdain someone. Do not pressurize the maids to spend more time on your home rather than your neighbour’s home. Every person hunts a kind and generous person in their neighbourhood and hence you also become the same way and have mutual trust.


Do Not Be a Spy: Never be the person who’s habit is to peek into the neighbour’s home always and keep noticing who is coming in and going out from your neighbour’s house. Some time this habit might come handy but if you continue doing this, the neighbour will become uncomfortable.So if we say this habit is morally wrong, it won’t be wrong as well.


Remember always: "Love the neighbour -- but don't pull down your hedge."

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