How to Save MONEY While Hiring a Top Moving Company

Published 3 months ago5 min read4 comments

Hiring the top and best packers and movers company among the flood of the vendors to move your house or the office, is the painful task especially when most of the companies are putting their services before the other vendors. While you need to make the decision and you will always want to choose the company which is professional, genuine and possess great credentials for serving their customers in the past, you can still be able to save some money if you are able to make some tweaks in your plans or ask the moving company to amend some plans for you.

  • Plan the Move in the Middle of the Week:
    Weekends are always full of rush and the bookings on weekends are always on the higher side for every good moving company. So, if you can be flexible enough to have the house relocation from Monday to Friday, it is likely that you would be able to save up to 20% as compared to the price if you do the move on weekends. So, it’s a win-win situation for both, while the moving company will have the scope to serve more customers and get more profit, the customer will get a deal too. Yippee!!
  • What about Middle of the Month:
    The same logic applies and you get extra up to 10% off if you are willing to shift the home or relocate your office if you can adjust the movement in the first. second, the third week of the month. Fourth and the First week are generally on higher demand and hence second and third week can be the best bet if you want to get the best packers and movers services in Gurgaon or any other places where you live with the cheaper rate. It’s about icing on the cake!! isn’ t it?
  • Order Your Move in Advance:
    Everyone must have heard one advice from their elders or parents — “Never be in a hurry” and this is true, you might end up paying the premium for that:). And when you can save some bucks on your bill, it is high time, we should think about deciding on a time for everything we do not just book the shifting partner company for your residence or apartment.
    Starting early will give you ample time to think over the available choices and it is a high chance that you will make the best decision to select the packers and movers vendor which will be best for your house and its valuables.

  • Dispose of or Sell Unnecessary Things:
    Discarding or selling the items which are not required to be in your next house, will not only lessen the number of items for the moving company that they will be relocating but also give you some cash. There are a lot of companies online which can prove handy for selling the items that you want. Not a bad idea!!
  • Keep Maximum Personal Items Packed:
    Ask your movers and packers that you will be able to pack a few items like clothes, cosmetics, utensils/crockery and will doing so have some impact on the pricing. The mover will likely do some sort of discount and on the one hand, you will do the packaging of your items like clothes yourself which also gives a sense of comfort and happiness and also it will bring the total bill of moving a bit lesser. Cool!
  • Look for the Festival/ Occasional Offers:
    Today’s time is of cashback offers and coupon codes and relocation companies run these kinds of offers and discounts to bring awareness about their respective brands and reach the maximum customers. So, go ahead and look for the ideal offer and grab the one. Why pay more when the hassle-free shifting can be availed in few bucks lesser.

Money saved is money earned and who does not want to earn money!! Go ahead and choose your best moving company and save MORE. It’s your move!